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Sometimes I have a Cat Moment, where I fall into wonder at the beauty, cuddly-ness and just wildness of our small furry friends.  It happened to me yesterday.

I was in Prague teaching (a scientific workshop) and I got an email that Smokey (my cat) was momentarily famous. You can see him on this fun blog dressed in Spring:


Being far away, I felt that pang I get when I miss my little beast, and when I think he might be missing me.  So I reflected on two big virtues of having him in my life.

  • He’s full of love.  When I come home from a trip or from a normal day at work, he demands immediate attention.  This brings me into the moment- I stop, my adrenaline cools, calmness and a sense of ‘being home’ arrives, and I purr along with him.
  • He knows how toCropperCapture[1419] enjoy resting.  I’m a person that does lots of things- one thing after another.  I rest when I meditate.  But when I find him curled up in a sunny ball on the patio, I tend to sit there along with him, having a cup of coffee, in the most relaxing and joyful way.

So, I would just like to honor all Smokey brings me and more.  May everyone reading this find their own ‘Cat Moment’ (even if it involves a dog).