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I have been sitting here listening to the Spring hail outside, with my cat on my lap, thinking about Mindfulness. It seems my experience deepens as I sit here. At first I thought- how nice to have a quiet moment with my cat, here in my living room protected from the crazed weather outside. Then I started to focus more on the moment itself.

How do I feel? The cat, warm- a pressure on my legs where he sits- a tingling in my toes as he lovingly cuts off my blood supply.

My breath feels rich and deep- not high in my chest but in my belly. There is a taste of celeriac in my mouth, and sounds of drops as the hail stops, birds take over.

Suddenly this one quiet moment becomes alive with feeling and sound. The world alive. I am delighted to stop and listen, then listen deeper.

What do I miss if I rush through the day, one task to the next, without stopping?

Wishing any readers I might have a moment to stop in a peaceful place, and connect with themselves and the vibrant world.