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At the end of another fantastic YogaGlo class, done from the comfort of my living room, the instructor wished us a good and positive rest of the day. In fact, he said ‘Take the Yoga with you’.

This struck a chord with me. Can we bring that peace and calm, that positive mental state we find on our mats to our normal lives? Yoga brings me (in my mind) to an island happy with sun and calm. Can we take that island away with us- keep it inside us?

Though I often find myself rushing through the city with a million things to do, I think maybe we can. In such moments like noticing the blue sky, and letting ourselves pause for a moment in its happy color. Maybe we can find yoga in the smile of a friend – taking that extra five minutes to really notice how that person is, really ‘be there’, be present. Or, in a few deep breaths after jumping into quick-closing metro doors, we can find calm and presence again.

I travelled with a huge suitcase the other day, and a stranger noticed me lugging it along and offered to help me carry it up a flight of stairs. I was struck by his manner. I thought, I’d like to be so observant, calm, and helpful. Meanwhile, commuters rushed past in the frenetic London Underground without a glance at us. Maybe he had the yoga in him, to be so calm amidst the rush.

This Christmas I am lucky to have some holidays, but I could easily plan to fill every minute. Instead, I am going to leave myself some free spaces to relax, be calm, and get into the yoga headspace. So I can really engage with my family and friends, and even spread the calm by being a positive and relaxed presence.

Hope everyone not only finds the yoga within, but spreads it along with Christmas cheer. May the yoga benefit you and the ones you love. And even the stranger you help on the street- sharing the time, helping carry a suitcase- whatever it may be.