When our situation changes, we often feel off balance. Tonight at dance class my teacher said something that struck a chord. We were doing a “high release” on our tip toes that involved arching one’s head and shoulders backwards over the “bra-line”. The trick is not to fall backwards. As I wobbled and fought to remain on tip toes, my teacher said, “Change your axis. That center line is no longer coming out of the top of your head, but out your breast bone.”

I immediately felt more stable. I understood that the axis, that center line that runs through my body, had changed. My position changed, but I was unstable until I realized it.

It strikes me that this happens in life. I’m thrown off course by a change, for example moving to a new city, starting a new relationship, or ending one. This can be very unsettling until I reorient myself around a new position and realize my center has changed. Maybe I have to shift priorities to meet this new life, or maybe I just need to accept a new identity.  I feel unstable when I still try to live as if I had my “old center”.

For example, moving to a new city, I have to make a lot of new friends, find a dance class that I like, or even just the supermarket.  If I constantly compare this to my old life, I will be miserable and flustered.  But if I realise this is my new and current reality, I reorient to that new situation, and things feel more “in place”.

Whatever change happens, I feel more stable when I recenter myself, realize my new position, and stand solidly on my tip toes (which is the most fun place to be anyway).

So to all those unbalanced folk facing a new situation- may you reorient yourselves peacefully and happily to a new center line.