Screen shot 2013-10-07 at 20.14.57I’ve been thinking about this image- black ink on water, writing on a lake. It can be interpreted as nihilistic- ‘what is the point if our words and actions dissipate?’ But there is a more positive way to see the same image.

Oddly, my boyfriend around the same time dreamt of (Neil Gaiman!) trying to communicate with him by writing on water. My boyfriend tried to read what was written but couldn’t. But rather than be nihilistic about it, he took it to represent the beauty of communicating.  The communication mattered in his dream, not the end result.

Are our words rain on a lake? And if someone hears them patter down, is that the beautiful, meaning of it?

(Then again the end result can be wonderful. I found Neil’s latest children’s book ‘Fortunately the Milk’ to be hilarious.)