photo (9)I just did a wonderful class on Yogaglo called ‘Trust the Yoga’.  Apparently, a student was keen to know when effects would be seen (she was just starting yoga).  The teacher asked how she felt after her yoga class, and she said ‘Oh, wonderful!’  He pointed out effects were already seen and felt.

I thought of this in terms of my own yoga and meditation practice.  Perhaps I am not sure what long term effects they are having, although occasionally I am made aware of those on my body and mind.  But an element of trust goes into it.  I like how I feel after yoga or meditation- clearer, more positive, cleaner in a way, and more relaxed.  (Well, normally.  Not always!)  So I have this trust that it’s doing something good … and that trust allows me to relax and enjoy doing it without worrying too much about what measurable outcomes I might gain.

And yes, that relaxing cup of tea, the moment of unwinding- I trust that as well, as being beneficial to me.  I suppose the take-home message for me is- relax and enjoy those moments- give myself to yoga, mediation, and tea breaks and don’t worry too much about ‘what exactly it is I’m getting out of them.’

So relax and enjoy, whatever way you go about finding inner peace!